Most good property inspectors will point out various maintenance suggestions to home buyers, that will reduce deterioration on your house and protect your asset’s value. Many of us, with all the best intentions, make a mental note after the inspectors summary to do annual checks on our house’s systems, and then promptly forget to do any of them.

So I thought I would gather these suggestions from various home inspectors and periodically remind you throughout the year to check a few things. Some of them you may not have thought of, some of them may seem extremely obvious, but hopefully some of these tidbits of advice can save you the time, money and hassle of what could turn into a major repair.

This quarter we’re looking at smoke alarms, cleaning dryer vents and trimming back vegetation that is too close to the house.

• Testing your smoke alarm. Below is a very informative article regarding the need for regular and effective testing, as well as tips on making sure you don’t hinder your alarm’s ability to alert you properly.

• Cleaning your dryer vent. I must admit I’ve never even thought about doing this but there are many articles online that indicate the potential fire hazards involved in not paying attention to it. Also a system that is less taxed is likely to be an energy saver, and reducing bills.

• Cutting back vegetation that is growing too close to your house. My home inspector is constantly advising buyers of the need to cut plants back or remove dirt that is touching the siding. It increases the life of your siding and reduces the risk of pest infestation.

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I'm a real estate broker in Portland, Oregon.

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