I’m a sucker for a number of things but maps, infographics and icons are up there with the best of them. So when I saw all three rolled into this striking district map designed by Andrew Eastman I couldn’t resist giving it a plug on here. As the growth of Mississippi Avenue has snow-balled in the last few years, seemingly thumbing it’s nose at the recession, it has given the Boise neighborhood a new lease on life. It’s success has also been the inspiration for further growth along the Williams corridor and, in my mind, given a shot in the arm to what appeared to be a stalled Alberta. All three of these streets offer a wealth of coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques and artisan food shops. If you are from out of town and thinking about re-locating to Portland, you could do worse than to check into the neighborhoods that surround these lively hubs.

The map (image above) takes up the whole of one side of a six-panel fold out, with the back side comprising of history, travel and event information for the Avenue. It’s available at all participating businesses as well as visitor kiosks around town and was commissioned by the Historic Mississippi Business Association.

Andrew Eastman can (and should) be reached for all things design-related at http://andreweastman.carbonmade.com

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I'm a real estate broker in Portland, Oregon.

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