I won’t lie. I’ve had a mild disdain for Dutch Colonial Revivals ever since I got into real estate. For starters, living in a house that is based on the architectural identity of a barn doesn’t make me want to rush out and fill one with my belongings. The main reason though is I’m baffled why so many of them seem to have such stifled floor plans. Such significant structures surely don’t need their interiors to live like warrens. So, for a long period, I’ve been content to turn my nose up at them, only deeming to set foot in one, to reinforce what I already knew to be true; they just aren’t very appealing.

Then of course last year, my wife and I went and bought one. I justified this glaring about-turn, by telling everyone that cared to listen, but mainly myself, that this one was different. And it was. The floor plan was designed exactly how it should have been, with grand and generous allowance. In the twelve months following the move into my quite agreeable barn, I’ve no longer skipped past DCR listings. Instead I make it my mission to look at every one, just so I could pat myself on the back for finding the best one in town.

That was, until this last week, when I was squarely knocked off my high horse with this listing on NE Fremont, forcing me to admit there may actually be more than one desirable DCR in Portland, despite my attempts to persuade myself otherwise.

Entering the formal entryway, the living room follows the full length of the house to the left and to the right a formal dining room and an over-sized kitchen. The latter has been remodeled with a gentle nod to a more contemporary style, while still blending effortlessly with the rest of the house. It’s a huge room incorporating an island cooktop, breakfast table and small corner office, and the room still boasts an airiness. The sliding door, off the kitchen, opens out to a deck for outdoor dining and round to a larger stone patio and hot tub. With corner lots so often suffering from a lack of outdoor space, this one manages to feel more substantial than the acreage would have you believe. The garage has been converted to an art studio drawing light from french doors, two matching floor-to-ceiling windows and sky-lights. Upstairs there are four spacious bedrooms and a full bath, though no master bathroom, which might be a problem for some. Downstairs you’ll find a family room, utility room and fifth bedroom and full bathroom for guests.

It should be remembered that I went into this house with the sole purpose of finding fault. The fact that all I could really leave with, was that it was located on a semi-busy street, speaks volumes for what this great house has to offer. And what’s not to like; a charming family house with great schools in a highly sought-after neighborhood and mere steps from Lucca, one of my favorite restaurants!

I started the post with a truth, so I’ll end with one. I think I like this Dutch Colonial just a little bit better than mine. After years of thinly-veiled scorn to an architectural style that has been around for centuries, well in one form or another, I guess there was more to them than I had realized.

Priced at $517,000.

This listing is now PENDING.

For more information on this listing please click here.

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I'm a real estate broker in Portland, Oregon.

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