With temperatures reaching the mid-nineties this week, which is pretty hot in this part of the world, many Portlanders were once again looking at their thermostats and wishing they had air conditioning. With so few days truly warranting the expense of having AC installed, or the desire to avoid aesthetic faux-pas of a window unit, it’s an annual quandary for many. So when I came across an attic bedroom with this LG Art Cool air conditioner keeping the room wonderfully, well, cool, I realized there may be some nifty alternatives out there on the market.

Designed as a picture frame that you can personalize with your own art, this 23″ 5/8 x 23″ 5/8 unit is hung on the wall as you would a flat-screen TV. The depth is similar to a flat-screen with the sides of the unit opening as ducts out of which flows the cold air. When the unit is in use the picture frame tilts forward slightly in order to create an air intake. Amongst the various setting are Jet Cool, which blasts the room with cold air for 30 minutes until it reaches 64º and Natural Wind which gives the user the ability to maintain the temperature to their own comfort level. The units come in 9,000 BTUs and 12,000 BTUs. A quick search of the internet shows the prices range from $1,025-$1,295 depending on the size of the units. Locally I found Johnson Air and Arctic Air both stocked them. Do be aware though it is still a split system, so you will still have an outdoor unit that will need to be installed, albeit one that is a lot smaller than the units we are used to.

While this won’t suit everyone it’s a great alternative to the standard options and finally someone has had the smarts to make air conditioners attractive. If this one doesn’t float your boat, check out the LG website for a wide range of options that might. Beat that on a 100º plus day.

Posted by:mylesfaulkner

I'm a real estate broker in Portland, Oregon.

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