Quite simply, I love this house. I saw it last year when it was briefly on the market so when it popped up on tour again this week, I couldn’t resist a second look. It’s another plum example of thoughtfully integrating today’s design ideas with those from a century ago.

I’ll just jump straight to the wow factor. The upstairs level is solely devoted to the master suite and at 880 sqft is bigger than the size of some people’s entire home. It’s the space though that makes you gasp and while the rest of the house has its own various appeals, the open-floorplan up here is striking. Usually a staircase coming up through the middle of the floor, however large the room is, presents a challenge to the design. In this case though it’s a plus, as the staircase and its railings act almost as a room divider, subtly separating bedroom, sitting area, office nook and walk-in closet and bathroom. You emerge from the stairs in the middle of it all and it’s quite an experience. Two things are worth noting in the bathroom. The open shower is enormous and when I say enormous, don’t think for a minute I’m overstating it’s size. I also love that someone made the smart decision to leave the ceiling open, allowing the roof lines to continue the full width of the house, and more importantly to allow the southerly light from the bathroom window to spill over into the rest of the main area of the room. It’s a small detail that makes a big impact on the space.

The majority of the basement has been finished. Remodeled by Neil Kelly, it is crisp and white-walled, never quite turning it’s stylistic back on the floors above but certainly giving a healthy nod to the owner’s clear inclination towards contemporary interior design. The family room is the centerpiece but around it is another office, a half bath and laundry room. Behind one last door there is still a slither of the original pre-remodel basement and it acts perfectly as a sizable storage room.

While the other two floors are undoubtedly creations from this century, the main level still has all the characteristic craftsman bungalow charm from the last. But more than just the large fireplace and the built-ins, it’s how large this main floor is that impresses. This is no more evident than in the three bedrooms. So often these main floor bedrooms can be robbed of square footage leaving them with barely enough room to swing a cat, but not so here. A full bathroom also takes its place amongst the sleeping quarters. While I do wish the kitchen had jostled for a bit more space in the original planning, it has been nicely updated and frankly few could complain about it.

A very special house on a great street. Green with envy!

Priced at $750,000.

This listing is now canceled.

For more information on this house please click here.

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I'm a real estate broker in Portland, Oregon.

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