This month we get to chat with Aaron Coker. Many of you know him as your mortgage guy but we know him as a client and a friend. He bought a house with us in 2016 and has been working on it ever since. Here is a glimpse into his busy life.

1. You have had many changes in your life over the past two years including a growing family, a big move and a new company. How do you keep your sanity?

It truly has been a whirlwind these last few years, and we can’t believe how blessed we are in life. We know it’s a cliché to say you’re blessed these days, but we wouldn’t change a thing about our beautiful life of chaos. For example, I’m writing this post while watching Dora the Explorer (backpack, backpack…) with Blair, DeeDee’s taking his morning nap, Dani is at a dance convention with Quinn and Avery is prepping for a gymnastic meet later this afternoon. We have no choice but to embrace the chaos. If you don’t, that’s when you lose your sanity.

We maintain our sanity by finding time to do things in micro-doses. A little break here. A little break there. For me, it’s literally burning off steam in the sauna or spending time in the dungeon (workout room). I also enjoy baking and cooking. My co-workers tease me by saying I’m a master baker and I love to master bake in my free time. You work with what you’re given in life.

Dani teaches dance 2-3 days a week, throws around some weights and treats herself to the occasionally mani/pedi. We also come together once a week for date night. Without our personal time misery would set in, and we all know what happened to James Caan when Kathy Bates got her hands on him.

2. Tell me about your favorite room in your house.

Our favorite room as a family is definitely the kitchen. There is so much light and warmth in there, and it’s Blair’s personal dance floor. She cuts a rug to her favorite soundtracks which include the following: Coco, Frozen, Moana and The Princess and the Frog. Oh, and how could we forget the most important of all, Elmo. We are a family of dancers…let me rephrase that, the women in this family are dancers.

Another thing about the kitchen is it always seems to be the gathering place. No matter how many guests we have, they all want to congregate in the kitchen. The kitchen brings people together and creates community for our family and friends. It’s definitely the most important room in our home, and it was the one room we ensured was updated prior to moving in.

3. You have done a lot of remodeling since you moved. Are you done, or do you have any upcoming projects?

The remodeling…oy vey. A facelift in the kitchen and new floors. A new powder room with fresh tile and beadboard. Redoing the family room and adding some killer wallpaper. Furnishing the living room and rec room. Completely redoing the landscaping. It seems like it’s a never ending list of projects. Once you finish one project, you’re onto the next. We envision redoing the master bath and guest bath on the main level, which probably includes re-piping the house with PEX. That should be it.

4. Tell me how you manage to find work life balance.

In order to have any sort of balance you need happiness in your life. If we aren’t happy it will bleed into all areas of our lives. If we can recognize the signs, disaster will be averted. Personally, I start my day off with a gratitude journal to set the mind right and create a daily game plan. Then I’m off to work with a happy and positive outlook, and this happens to be contagious for those around me. However, there are days when I let the negativity and stress creep in. That’s no bueno. Recognition is crucial. I make it a point of doing things that make me happy (see above). It may sound selfish, but if I’m not happy with me, I’ll end up bringing others around me down.

Balance is happiness in my mind. I don’t take my job too seriously. Family always comes before work. When I’m at work I’m focused. I have a schedule I look to follow each day. It’s boring but it works. The schedule keeps me in check, so I can come home to help with the kids and around the house.

5. You recently transitioned to a new company. Tell us how it’s going. What do you like most about the new gig?

Our group made a move to CrossCountry Mortgage at the end of the year. So far, so good. If you’ve ever seen the TV show The Profit, Marcus Lemonis says there are three components to any successful business: People, Product and Process. I feel we check all three boxes at CrossCountry. I am still working with the same amazing group of people. If there’s a program/loan product out there we have it. Our processes take the stress out of the home-buying process by doing the heavy lifting up front in order to close purchases and transactions in as quickly as two weeks. Those are the things that get me excited about CrossCountry Mortgage.

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I'm a real estate broker in Portland, Oregon.

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