Meet Shelby Brakken. You have been receiving her amazing photos on our monthly postcards for over a year and now you get a glimpse inside her world. See more of her work at

  1. Your point of view behind the camera is so unique. Where do you draw your inspiration?
    I draw inspiration from books I read, art shows and theatre, movies and music. I also draw a lot of inspiration from from watching and being around my kids and from travel— being in unfamiliar places, whether it is to Iceland or camping near Mt. Hood. Being out of my comfort zone wakes me up and helps me see everything with fresh eyes and always makes me want to pick up my camera.
  1. Tell me about your favorite room in your house.
    My kitchen: it’s an open space with west facing windows and the biggest room in the house — we gather around the island and kids roam through and the light is perfect.
  1. Your house is smack in the middle of the bustling Williams corridor and Alberta Arts district. What are some of your favorite spots for food or drink?
    I love the wallpapered rooms at Beech St Parlor on MLK or the sweet ambiance at Box Social. I also love grabbing food and a cocktail at the Bye n Bye on Alberta.  My new favorite spot is Eem on Williams–it is a Thai BBQ joint and has amazing cocktails that they serve with ice cubes that light up.

  1. Tell me about your favorite things to photograph.
    My favorite is photographing people: little kids and old people are my favorite because their guards are down in a different way than with adults. I also love photographing my kids when we travel: watching them experience new places and step into the unfamiliar is the very best thing.

  1. Running a business is tough. What advice do you have for someone starting to consider taking the plunge?
    I would say: put in the hours and stay with it and take risks and don’t compare yourself to others—we are all on our own path.
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I'm a real estate broker in Portland, Oregon.

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