John Ellingson, and his partner Paul Beard, recently bought their first home, a beautifully remodeled home in Laurelhurst. Here are his thoughts on Christmas, fires and the passion he has for his work.

What did you look forward to most for your first Christmas as a homeowner?
Our first Christmas was amazing. I was performing in Mary Poppins and every moment I was not tap-dancing away in our 49-show run, Paul and I were making fires, baking cookies, making fires, cooking dinners, making fires, and enjoying mugs of coffee …… the fire! We really like having a fire place. It’s was a dream come true. Hanging our stockings on the mantle was also a highlight.


What is your favorite holiday decoration that you look forward to seeing each year?
I know it’s not original, but the ornaments that go on the tree. We started collecting them before we met and now we give a new one to each other, the night before Christmas each year. I look forward to our collection growing and growing over the years. Also decorating the mantle was a treat…….with the FIRE!

Tell us how you fill your days at work?
I am a theater artist. I’m very lucky to love my job and to have a full-time job in the theater arts. Currently I am the Associate Artistic Director for the Northwest Children’s Theater. I am an actor by trade and have been performing there for the last 11 years. I also design sets and I’m the resident scenic painter, puppet maker and I teach. I will be making my directing debut with a new production of the Little Mermaid which will take place in a circus setting. I work a lot, but I love it.

I know you love to cook. Do you make the same things each holiday season or do you mix things up?
I am a lover of everything Italian. I make homemade pasta every chance I get. I don’t have a Holiday dish yet, but our new kitchen is what sold me on our home. Cooking is a calming thing for me. Paul and I love to entertain together. Good food, good people, good wine all in a good kitchen. That’s heaven.

Front Door1

What are you buying this year for your house as a gift?
My goal this year is to garden. I hope to upgrade our back yard with fresh veggies and our summer is going to be friends, fire pits and outdoor parties.

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