This month we talk with Carley Kahn, who launched her eponymous line of textiles and accessories in 2012, about her design background and her home.

How do you fill your days?
I start my day with a cup of coffee and then take my pooch, Linus, on a long walk. Working from home, it’s hard to keep regular business hours but I try my best. I like to work on new patterns in the morning when I have the most energy. After a healthy lunch, I spend my afternoon on administrative tasks, such as email correspondence, web site maintenance, shipping out orders, etc. I stop working when my husband gets home so I can enjoy the evening with him.

What drew you to textile design?
I initially studied to become a graphic designer. While I was in school, I opted to partake in a study abroad program in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was there that I was first introduced to textile design. I fell in love with designing repeat patterns and pursued a career in textile design upon graduation. I find myself in the home textile industry because I love the tactile nature of fabric and the fact that people can live with my products in an integrated way, as a part of their daily surroundings.


Your favorite place in your home?
The back patio. My husband and I love to be outside, and the covered patio allows us to enjoy our backyard from Spring to Fall. We have a native garden, attracting lots of birds and butterflies, so it’s a peaceful place to have my morning cup of coffee. It’s also great, intimate space for entertaining and BBQing with friends and family, and for enjoying a nice fire in the chimney.

photo 2

If you were going to buy your home one gift this year what would it be?

An irrigation system! We move around sprinklers to keep the garden watered in the summer months, but it would be nice to have a more automated system.

When you think of summer in Portland, what comes to mind?

The beaches on Sauvie Island. Evening bike rides. Berries galore. Hiking, camping and s’mores!


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