Clients, David Alan and Kelly English bought their Montavilla home last summer. Home Truths checks in on them to see what makes their lives tick…


How do you spend your work days?

Kelly: I spend my days teaching 4th grade students at Laurelhurst School. I truly enjoy introducing a variety of literary texts to my students; we are currently reading L. Frank Baum’s, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

David: I manage sales and marketing for Double Mountain Brewery. I spend most of my time in front of potential buyers at restaurants, taverns and bars in Oregon, Washington and Los Angeles.

Favorite Spring time activity….

Kelly: Our favorite spring time activity as family is walking with our twenty one month old Hunter, and introducing him to all of Portland’s beautiful flowering trees and plants. We have also really enjoyed working around our new yard.

 The house is on fire. Other than the family what’s the one thing you would grab?

Kelly: I would grab my small cedar box given to me by my father that contains all of my mementos from my life.

David: I would have to say my photos, they have always been my priced possessions and they are irreplaceable.

Hunter: Kitty Blanket

 What do you love most about your house?

Kelly: The two full bathrooms, because they are open, bright, airy and beautiful. I have never lived in a home with more than one bathroom. In our previous home we had to turn sideways to enter the bathroom is was so small.

David: The kitchen now that we have almost finished remodeling. It has also been very rewarding to witness the transformation.

What’s your favorite place in Portland to enjoy a beer and why?

David: We both absolutely love being able to walk to The Observatory in Montavilla to enjoy drinks. Everything from the service to the food has always been on par. They have always had a great selection of seasonal beer, drinks and food to offer.


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