Cody and April Goldberg – Founders of Harper’s Playground












With the wonderful success that you have achieved with Harper’s Playground it must be incredibly rewarding to see that continue with Owen’s Playground in Bainbridge Island….
The most rewarding thing of all is for us to make a visit to the playground and find it filled with kids of all ages having fun.  Of course, seeing our playground have something to do at all with inspiring others to take on a similar project is also pretty cool, too.  Owen’s Playground is a very special project to us as well.  Following the TODAY Show piece which aired last Fall around the one year anniversary of our opening we’ve now received hundreds of inquiries for help with design and fundraising.  Of course, we’re not yet able to help nearly as many people as we’d like.  Owen’s story and the passion his family shared with their vision compelled us to get involved right away.  They will build it this year, and we can’t wait to celebrate with them.

You have the whole house to yourself for the afternoon. Where do you hang out and why?
We get the house to ourselves so seldom, but we honestly like to use our “free” time at home doing chores.  We love to clean the garage or tend to the yard if the weather permits.  When the stars align and we get to be alone in our sweet home without too much on “the list” we love to crank up the stereo to 11 and dance in the living room.  It’s a great stress relief and we can’t go to 11 when the kids are at home 😉

What have you recently bought for your home that you wish you had bought sooner?
It’s funny, but an extra soft bath mat has really made an impact.  It’s so nice to step out of a bath or shower and put your feet down onto top-grade softness.

Spring is just around the corner, what’s the first thing you look forward to?
Once again, we love to work in the yard.  We’ve got a lot of plants to take care of and the winter can make the yard look just a little less than 100%.  With the sun and the returning plants the yard really comes to life.  We have very large windows, and a unique floor plan that has our main view from the main living areas looking out on the backyard.  It’s beautiful in the Spring, especially with a little maintenance right when the sun begins to shine.

May 14, 2010 005

What’s your most recent ‘best kept secret’ in Portland?
Well, it won’t be much of a secret much longer.  We love to grab a pint at our new neighborhood spot, The Old Gold.  They were great about supporting Harper’s Playground, and it’s always a good time with great people.  They really nailed it on each and every detail, too.

Old Gold


Cody will participating as a speaker during TedXPortland’s PERFECT event at the Keller Auditorium on April 12th, 2014. For more information please visit

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