Eric Gabrielson – Account Director, Wieden + Kennedy

Eric Gabrielson in the Nest at Wieden + Kennedy


What is your favorite part of the ad campaign you are currently working on?
My favorite part of the current ad campaign is a two minute TV spot called ‘Pick Them Back Up.’  The spot is part of the Olympic campaign for Procter & Gamble called Proud Sponsors of Mom.  In this spot, we’re telling the stories of four Olympic hopefuls and their Moms. Specifically, thanking the Moms for teaching us that falling only makes us stronger and for giving us the encouragement to try, try again.

The best way to survive a rainy February in Portland is….
Get outside and be active. You can be outside in Portland 365 days a year. You might get a little wet but you can always go on a trail run, bike ride, hike, etc.  The other way to survive a rainy February is to head east on the weekends. To the mountain for skiing or to central Oregon for sun.

Describe the last thing you bought for your home….
The interior of our home was recently remodeled so there isn’t ‘much’ to do. This is a good thing. Therefore, the last thing we ‘bought’ for our home was a newly-designed front yard and driveway. The back yard is next!

Best comfort food for a Portland winter is….
Anything meat and potatoes. My favorite thing to do is put everything in a crock pot in the morning. Go skiing all day up on the mountain and then come back home for comfort food in front of the fire.

What is your favorite part of your home?
The view from the back deck.  Hands down.

View of Mt Hood from Eric’s deck


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