The second Home Maintenance Postcard deals with roofs and gutters.

• Cleaning your gutters. Nobody likes doing this. More often than not, you only get around to doing it once the gutters are overflowing and you have to stand on a ladder, in the rain, fishing out smelly black decomposed leaves for what seems like hours. There’s nothing fun about it. However despite its lack of appeal, cleaning your gutters can go along way to preserving the integrity of your foundation.

• Have your roof inspected. Like all of the functioning parts of your house, your roof needs love and attention. It’s easy to forget about a roof because most of us aren’t spending much time staring up that way and some of us can’t see them at all. Out of sight, out of mind right? Well it might be smart to keep a closer eye on it. Failing roof systems can cause all manner of issues, many of which can get very spendy to fix.

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I'm a real estate broker in Portland, Oregon.

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